Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question here.



Send an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question here.

What is IP Sentinel ?
With such tools as real-time brand surveillance, fast and easy trademarks registration, and a clear and intuituve dashboard, Sentinel is the most comprehensive tool to help you manage your IP.
For Whom Sentinel was thought for ?
IP Sentinel helps you taking care of your IP at any stage or brand size, and is thus suitable for a wide range of companies and professions, whether it be lawyers, brand key account businesses, entrepreneurs and SMBs.
Why should I enforce effective brand surveillance ?
  • To avoid any contentious registration and legal actions brought against your own brands,
  • To spot any similar and thus contentious brand registration by any other competitor or company,
  • To allow a timely renewal of your brand’s protection by registration,
  • To avoid any fraudulent use of your own brand. Take note that most brand official databases like INPI do not check brand similarities, contentious registration or fraudulent use of one’s brand.
  • Who are we ?
    Sentinel was founded in 2018 by a young lawyer in training (Julia Pirinoli) along with other young entrepreneurs qualified in every domain needed to make the project flourish efficiently. You can get to learn more our profiles within the “About us” Tab.

    Subscription and payment

    Can i use IP Sentinel for free ?
    A “Lite” version of our software allows for entrepreneurs or any business to monitor up to two brands or domain name free of charge on our dashboard. Smart Surveillance is not included.
    What is IP Sentinel’s pricing policy ?
    Provided you choose to upgrade to the full version of our Software, you will be charged a monthly subscription. This subscription scales with the number of user accounts you choose to provide for your team. Brand surveillance is also based on a monthly subscription, on a “per brand surveyed” basis. The more brands you choose to protect, the less you will pay per brand. Brand registration is one-off fee, which includes a prior right search to make sure your brand will not be legally challenged.
    How can i pay ?
    Monthly subscription can be paid for with any credit card. You will also have the option to choose an annual fee through an annual invoice, enabling you to pay us via bank check or transfer.
    If you need an invoice, please contact us.
    Do you offer discounts ?
    Besides the “lite” version of our software, allowing for entrepreneurs or any business to monitor up to two brands or domain name free of charge on our dashboard, brand surveillance pricing scales down with the number of brands you choose to protect. Additionally, we reward any annual subscription with 2 months free of charge.
    I need to ad an additional user account. How will this be charged ?
    You can add as many additional users as you wish just by modifying your subscription options. Additional subsequent fees will be added to your monthly or yearly subscription.

    Using IP Sentinel

    Which languages are supported by IP Sentinel ?
    IP Sentinel currently supports English and French. We will be adding additional languages following our company’s growth.
    Is IP Sentinel safe ?
    IP Sentinel ensures your data’s safety by regularly saving them and making back up saves to avoid any loss. Additionally, your data will be stored on secured servers.
    I don’t have any legal background or education: can I use IP Sentinel ?
    Of course! IP Sentinel has purposely been created in order for both legal practitioner and non-practitioner profiles to handle it with ease. Our main mission is to make IP accessible to every business!
    How can i import my IP data onto IP Sentinel ?
    Importation is made automatically via an excel template you can download, complete and send here. Importation is fully manual if you use the “Lite” version.
    What are the main differences between a standard registration to the INPI database and a Smart Registration via IP Sentinel ?
    IP Sentinel provides you with relevant information regarding which class to register in for your brand and about potentially contentious classes. The INPI doesn’t inform you about registration modalities and issues, while IP Sentinel does. We will guide you step by step to make sure your registration will be as relevant as possible.
    What are “Smart Alerts” ?
    A Smart Alert is a personalized and tailored alert. It will warn you about any unlawful use of your brand or any new potential contentious registration regarding your brand, as soon as they are detected. Smart Alerts also explain what to do and who to contact in order for the legal breach to be fixed. Smart Alerts can be fully customized, on such parameters as risk thresholds required, ect..
    Which database does IP Sentinel cover ?
    Depending on the surveillance package you choose, brand surveillance can be made on the French Database (INPI), European Database (EUIPO) and US Database (USPTO).